Reese Marketos Wins Another Jury Verdict: Jury Awards Take-Nothing Verdict in Favor of Defendant WatchGuard Video in Patent Infringement Suit in the Eastern District of Texas.

Sherman, Texas, July 14, 2017: A jury in the patent infringement case in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas returned a unanimous verdict in favor of Defendant WatchGuard Video, a leading provider of video surveillance technology for law enforcement agencies.

Adam Sanderson and Tyler Bexley from the litigation boutique, Reese Marketos LLP, represented WatchGuard at trial.

“We believed from the beginning that once the jury heard our evidence, it would agree that WatchGuard’s products do not infringe and at least one Evicam’s patents would be found invalid,” said Adam Sanderson, a trial attorney who specializes in representing software companies and inventors in patent and commercial lawsuits. “We are all happy with the jury’s decision.”

Plaintiff Evicam International, Inc. alleged that WatchGuard’s 4RE and DV-1 in-car video systems infringed two of Evicam’s patents, namely, U.S. Patent No. 6,211,907 (the ‘907 Patent) and U.S. Patent No. 6,950,013.

Following a five-day trial, the jury determined that WatchGuard’s products do not infringe any of the asserted patent claims brought by Evicam. The jury further decided that the asserted claims from the ‘907 Patent were invalid.

Before trial, Evicam had sought more than $15 million in damages, which Evicam reduced to $10.4 million during trial. On July 17, 2017, the Court entered a Final Judgment on the verdict, dismissing all of Evicam’s claims. “WatchGuard is an innovative company that employs the best engineers and relies on its own technology for a competitive advantage, so we are pleased that the jury sided with us on every question presented at trial,” said Tyler Bexley.